An inventory of citizen science stories on air quality

Our  mission


Identify and elaborate

Co-create an inventory of air quality monitoring activities and approaches. Continuously add to the inventory by completing it for cities and organizations within and outside of the CitiMeasure working groups.

Facilitate knowledge sharing

Create an online interactive tool for city officials and citizen science initiatives that facilitates information sharing across cities and organizations by clarifying who is involved in what air quality monitoring activities and how.


Pilot and consolidate

Pilot and consolidate the developed tool with lessons learned from the pilot phase and further analysis by March 2023.


Is your municipality, organization, or company involved in participatory air quality monitoring initiatives? Then we would love to hear from you and to have your story on the map! Please take 20 minutes to fill out the survey to help interested cities and organizations across Europe find you, learn from you, and set up their own project.








Note: the map and initiative information display the location of the organisations in charge of the initiative

Types of organisation
Measured parameters
  • All parameters
  • Black Carbon (2)
  • CO2 (4)
  • Humidity (16)
  • NO (1)
  • NO2 (8)
  • Noise (4)
  • O3 (5)
  • Other (6)
  • PM1 (12)
  • PM10 (17)
  • PM2.5 (21)
  • Temperature (16)
  • UFPs (Ultrafine particles) (1)
  • VOC (4)


Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Description: hackAIR aims to raise collective awareness about the daily conditions of air quality in Europe, leveraging the power of environmental intelligence (integration of data from multiple sources, data fusion for areas where no data exist, forecast modelling, estimation of environmental indices, personalised recommendations). The hackAIR platform comprises of a website and a complementary mobile application. hackAIR can also integrate data from low-cost open hardware sensors.

List of parameters measured: PM2.5, PM10
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Location: Bristol, United Kingdom

Description: WeCount was a Horizon 2020 project which aimed at quantifying local road transport, produce scientific knowledge in the field of mobility and environmental pollution and co- design informed solutions for several road transport challenges. Uniquely, this citizen science project empowered citizens to take a leading role in the production of data, evidence and knowledge around mobility in their local areas. Five case studies across Europe were involved

List of parameters measured: Other
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Schools Air Quality Monitoring for Health and Education

Location: London, United Kingdom

Description: SAMHE brings together pupils, teachers, scientists from 6 institutions across the UK and is supported by the UK Governments' Department for Education. SAMHE will establish a network of air quality monitors in schools across the UK, creating an unparalleled dataset which will help researchers better understand schools' indoor air quality and provide evidence for better national policies and practice. This will enable pupils to interact with real world data about their environment and gives them agency to take informed action.

List of parameters measured: PM2.5, Temperature, Humidity, CO2, VOC
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Location: Grubbenvorst, Netherlands

Description: airquality measurements in agricultural environment. Apply an airquaility network of low costs sensors: dust, NH3, NO2, temp, RH

List of parameters measured: PM1, PM2.5, PM10, Temperature, Humidity, VOC
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Location: Wilrijk, Belgium

Description: CurieuzenAir is a scientific research project that aimed to map the air quality across the whole of Brussels. Citizens, schools and companies joined the largest citizen science project ever carried out in Brussels. For one month and at 3000 different locations, citizens attached a sensor panel with two measuring tubes to a window to measure the concentration of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the outdoor air. The results expose the difference in air quality across the city with unprecedented spatial detail.

List of parameters measured: NO2
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Location: Best, Netherlands

Description: We measure at different levels, we educate in schools, have master program in high school, help institutions to 4 x WIN, do multiple areas of research (airport, city, rural, etc). Involved are 21 municipalities, citizens groupings, universities, high schools, primary schools, technological supplies, entrepreneurs, province, health authorities, etc. Main goal: shared responsibility for health and a healthy environment.

List of parameters measured: PM1, PM2.5, PM10, NO2, Temperature, Humidity, UFPs (Ultrafine particles), O3, Noise
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Urban Innovative Action HOPE – Healthy Outdoor Premises for Everyone

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Description: Crowdsourced citizen air quality monitoring with mobile low cost sensors. Participatory budgeting and local air quality improving interventions in 3 districts. Developing the air quality monitoring station network in the Helsinki by building new hyper-local new generation sensor networks in three city districts. Air quality data analysis development using advanced modelling, AI and machine learning. Scientific research work towards developing new Air Quality Index 2.0. New APIs for open data.

List of parameters measured: PM2.5, PM10, NO2, NO, Temperature, Humidity, CO2, VOC, O3, Noise, Black Carbon
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Run 4 Science / iSPEX 2

Location: Heerlen, Netherlands

Description: With a variety of our sensors and mobile phones, citizens can run/hike/bike to measure air and water quality.

List of parameters measured: PM2.5, Other
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De Luchtclub

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Description: De Luchtclub (" English: The Air Club" ) is an initiative of the City of Rotterdam. By allowing Rotterdammers to measure PM2,5 themselves, the municipality and residents gain more insight into local air quality which can be a basis for further discussion, workshops and insights. With this project teh regional environmental agency is also investigating whether cheaper sensors are as reliable as more expensive equipment.

List of parameters measured: PM2.5, NO2
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