An inventory of citizen science stories on air quality

Our  mission


Identify and elaborate

Co-create an inventory of air quality monitoring activities and approaches. Continuously add to the inventory by completing it for cities and organizations within and outside of the CitiMeasure working groups.

Facilitate knowledge sharing

Create an online interactive tool for city officials and citizen science initiatives that facilitates information sharing across cities and organizations by clarifying who is involved in what air quality monitoring activities and how.


Pilot and consolidate

Pilot and consolidate the developed tool with lessons learned from the pilot phase and further analysis by March 2023.


Is your municipality, organization, or company involved in participatory air quality monitoring initiatives? Then we would love to hear from you and to have your story on the map! Please take 20 minutes to fill out the survey to help interested cities and organizations across Europe find you, learn from you, and set up their own project.








Note: the map and initiative information display the location of the organisations in charge of the initiative

Types of organisation
Measured parameters
  • All parameters
  • Black Carbon (4)
  • CO2 (9)
  • Humidity (24)
  • NO (1)
  • NO2 (15)
  • Noise (7)
  • O3 (6)
  • Other (11)
  • PM1 (17)
  • PM10 (29)
  • PM2.5 (33)
  • Temperature (26)
  • UFPs (Ultrafine particles) (2)
  • VOC (7)

Window open or window closed? Increase a healthy surrouding

Location: Nijmegen, Netherlands

Description: By measuring inside and outside homes or offices, citizens get a clear overview what the air quality is in their living environment. By looking at the results, one can adjust its behaviour, to increase a healthy surrouding. The detectors are provided in the project to for example ten citizens. During workshops they share insides and knowledge they gained. When is the best moment to open the window? For municipalities, it can optional be combined with wood burning courses.

List of parameters measured: PM2.5, PM10, Temperature, Humidity
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Citizen Urban Health Laboratory

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Description: The Urban Health Lab is a collaborative space for experimentation, learning and practice to foster community participation in building more resilient, healthy, sustainable and inclusive neighbourhoods. The lab aims to create communities of learning and practice, working collectively to identify needs, problems and interests, and to foster creative ideas that improve neighbourhood conditions through experimentation, shared knowledge and scientific culture.

List of parameters measured: PM1, PM2.5, Temperature, Noise, NO2
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Location: Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Belgium

Description: CAIRGOBIKE is designed to improve air quality in the Brussels Capital Region (BCR) by accelerating a modal shift from car/van to cargo bike to transport children, deliver goods and services through an integrated ecosystem of complementary nudging strategies. This innovative ecosystem will convert citizens and professionals to cargo bike use, ease the access to cargo bikes and create parking facilities. User community (citizens/businesses and non-profit) will be directly involved in air quality measurement and communication.

List of parameters measured: Temperature, Humidity, Black Carbon
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Increasing Community Resilience in Climate Adaptation Process Project

Location: İstanbul, Türkiye

Description: With the establishment of the “Kadıköy Municipality Environmental Monitoring and Early Warning System”; We aim to create a resilient structure guided/supported by the local government with participation at the neighborhood scale and to raise awareness about climate change. Data is transferred to the "Kadıköy Municipality Environmental Monitoring and Early Warning System" for the detection of emergencies such as air pollution and heat wave/heat island effect that adversely affect public health, especially the fragile population.

List of parameters measured: PM2.5, PM10, Temperature, Humidity
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Location: Breda, Netherlands

Description: AirQon is initiative that makes us of EV-cars instead of dieselgenerators specially to provide festivals with sustainable energy. due to all the problems during COVID 19 the pilot was broadend to the construction branche

List of parameters measured: PM2.5, PM10, Black Carbon, UFPs (Ultrafine particles)
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Location: Barcelona, Spain

Description: CitieS-Health aimed to put citizens’ concerns at the heart of research agenda on environmental epidemiology by tackling health issues that concern them. Citizens along with scientists in 5 cities in Europe co-designed and implemented epidemiological studies to explore how their living environment is affecting their health. The Barcelona CitieS-Health pilot project was a scientific study co-created by the citizens who explores how air quality, green spaces and noise affect the sleep, the attention span and stress.

List of parameters measured: NO2
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Location: Innsbruck, Austria

Description: With the help of the pupils from 10 Austrian middle schools we investigate the indoor air quality in classrooms and possible measures to improve it. Using Arduino based IoT sensor kits, which are programmed and looked for by the pupils, we monitor temperature, humidity, CO2-, PM- and VOC concentration before and after an intervention. Interventions include raising awareness, installing traffic light warnings or retrofitting mechanical ventilation units.

List of parameters measured: PM1, PM2.5, PM10, Temperature, Humidity, CO2, VOC
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Location: Guimarães, Portugal

Description: The Limp.AR project aimed to respond to the need to promote the improvement of air quality and noise in urban centers, seeking to encourage the integration of vegetation in the urban environment and raise awareness of the importance of reducing commuting. The project integrates education, training and awareness actions for citizens, participatory co-creation actions, interventions in urban spaces and actions to assess air quality and noise in different contexts.

List of parameters measured: Noise, CO2, PM2.5, PM10, Other
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Salviamo l’aria: NO2 NO Grazie!

Location: Milano, Italy

Description: Our initiative is a citizens science project where citizens from the urban areas of Milan and Rome monitor the concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in a place of their choosing (the street where they live, where their children go to school, where they go to work). The monitoring happens for 4 weeks, and the subsequent goal is to create a map of the air quality in order to request local policies on the reduction of pollutants.

List of parameters measured: NO2
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