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Knowledge Centre

The Knowledge Centre includes the three co-created instruments and training material such as webinars and guidelines.


CitiAIR is an inventory of citizen science stories on air quality. This online interactive tool collects and compares air quality monitoring initiatives.

Guidelines on Behaviour & Policy change


These guidelines include 65 specific recommendations to identify, understand, and enhance policy and behavioural changes resulting from citizen science initiatives.

Guidelines on Competencies for Digital Inclusion


These guidelines unpack 27 clusters of skills, knowledge, and attitudes for digital inclusion of different actors in citizen science projects, as well as 32 specific recommendations on how to enhance those competencies better.


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Shedding light on the invisible

Shedding light on the invisible

CitiMeasure has repeatedly highlighted the importance of visualising data in combatting air pollution. This referred mostly to simplified maps, graphs, or charts, all of which are popular among CitiAIR initiatives*. In many cities around the world, however, it...

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