Jan 25, 2023


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First NameBlanca

Last NamePedrola Vidal


What is the name of your organization?Kuma


What best describes the type of organisation that you are representing?Private sector

Where are you based?Pl. Baillargues 4, 10, Rocafort, Valencia 46111, ES

Name of the equipment
The number of these devices used in your initiative (estimation):
  • Commercial product
  • DIY product – we bought parts
Measured parameter (you can select several)
  • PM10
  • NO2
Temporal resolution
10 minutes
Where are you measuring air quality?
Device’s location
  • Street – public domain
  • Mobile : Person mounted
Level of expertise required to operate
It takes some advanced skills – digital native

What is the name of your initiative?DivAirCity

How would you describe the main mission of your initiative?Measure/monitor air quality, Raise awareness/education, Environmental justice

Please provide a short description of your initiative (What is being done? Who is participating? What are your main goals?) This text will appear on the main page.DivAirCity is a 4 year project, funded by the EC under the H2020 programme, within the scope of the Sustainable Development Goals, valuing diversity and social inclusion to achieve innovative, creative, culture- driven, green and carbon neutral urban society. DivAirCity addresses the equation of social inequality, health conditions and air pollution in cities. It involves 26 EU organisations and 68 external stakeholders from all five continents and creates replicable pilots starting from 5 EU cities.

Who is your main audience?Citizens, Schools, Cities, Other government administrations, Universities and/or research institutes

If possible, provide the list of partners involved in the initiative.26 partners from around Europe.

How is this initiative funded?Fully funded European project

Please provide an estimation of the total budget of the initiative (in €):More than 5 million

What is the duration of the initiative?1 to 5 years

How many participants (citizen scientists, volunteers, etc.) have been involved (approximately)?1000 – 5000

Website that presents your initiativehttps://divaircity.eu/

Are you using a platform for data visualisation?Yes, we use the platform provided by the equipment manufacturer

Is your platform open source?No

From 0 (the lowest) to 5 (the highest), how easily accessible and user-friendly is your platform?5

Other Initiatives



Location: Portici, Italy

Description: AIR-HERITAGE aims to design and implement effective, participative policies to improve the City of Portici air quality. The project developed and used an extensive air quality monitoring network, consisting of fixed regulatory monitoring stations, mobile monitoring stations and portable air quality monitors for citizens, to assess current levels of air pollution in the city. Monitoring data and tools have been fused and form an integral part of the Decision Support tool developed to inform policy makers and citizens.

List of parameters measured: NO2, Temperature, PM1, PM2.5, PM10, Humidity, O3, Other

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Location: Mortsel, Belgium

Description: Milieuraad Mortsel is promoting the installation of sensors designed by/managed by https://sensor.community/ by the citizens

List of parameters measured: PM2.5, PM10, Temperature, Humidity

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Location: Gafanha da Nazaré, Portugal

Description: SmartAir emerged to respond to the problems identified by the educational community and which are related to the increase in the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere. Students and teachers received training from researchers at the University of Aveiro and from teachers in the school's technical areas in terms of building sensors and in terms of communication and information. The curricular framework was made within the scope of Curricular Autonomy and and within the scope of the SmartSchoolLab project.

List of parameters measured: PM2.5, PM10, Temperature, CO2

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