Sep 1, 2022

Snuffelfiets (Snifferbike)

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First NameBas

Last NameVanmeulebrouk


What is the name of your organization?Civity


What best describes the type of organisation that you are representing?Private sector

Where are you based?Handelsweg 6, Zeist, 3707 NH, NL

Name of the equipment
Snuffelfiets sensor
The number of these devices used in your initiative (estimation):
  • Commercial product


Measured parameter (you can select several)
  • PM1
  • PM2.5
  • PM10
  • Temperature
  • Humidity


Communication type
  • 2G-3G


Energy type
  • Battery


Does your device allow SD cards?
  • No


Temporal resolution
Temporal resolution – Other
10 seconds
Where are you measuring air quality?
Device’s location
  • Mobile : Bike mounted


Level of expertise required to operate
Simple if you take the time to read the documentation
What is the approximate market price per unit?
200 euros
Are there any other costs related to this equipment?
SIM card data fee

What is the name of your initiative?Snuffelfiets (Snifferbike)

How would you describe the main mission of your initiative?Measure/monitor air quality, Measure personal exposure, Raise awareness/education

Please provide a short description of your initiative (What is being done? Who is participating? What are your main goals?) This text will appear on the main page.Within the Snifferbike project, bikes are equipped with sensors measuring air quality. Citizens use these bikes to for instance commute to work and collect air quality data at the same time. The data is collected at a central location but can also be used by the individual users.

Who is your main audience?Citizens, Schools, Universities and/or research institutes

If possible, provide the list of partners involved in the initiative.Sodaq, Civity, WeCity, Provincie Utrecht, Provincie Zeeland, Gemeente Zwolle, Globe Nederland

How is this initiative funded?Municipality programme, Other

Context – OtherProvinces, university

Please provide an estimation of the total budget of the initiative (in €):0€

What is the duration of the initiative?1 to 5 years

How many participants (citizen scientists, volunteers, etc.) have been involved (approximately)?500 – 1000

Website that presents your initiative

Please upload a picture to illustrate your initiative

Are you using a platform for data visualisation?Yes, we have created our own data platform

Add the public URL (if any)

Is your platform open source?No

Are there any other interesting links related to the data platform?

From 0 (the lowest) to 5 (the highest), how easily accessible and user-friendly is your platform?4

What are the estimated costs related to the data platform (subscription if any, development costs…)Depends on the size of the initiative

Are you providing open data?Yes

How is the data made accessible?Export (csv, geojson..), API, Other

How is the data made accessible? – OtherFIWARE ContextBroker

Is any post processing applied to the data to ensure quality? (if so tell us what kind)Filtering out of invalid measurements (e.g. due to invalid GPS coordinates), pseudonimization and anonimization

How frequently is the data refreshed in the data platform?Near real time

How long does it take before the newest data is available on your platform?Near real time

Do you give access to historical data?Yes

What type of data visualisation do you provide?Maps

Would you like to share with us any additional information? (Max 300 words)* Pay attention to privacy aspects before you start collecting the data
* Make sure to keep track of all of your sensors (who is using which sensor) and have a process in place to return a sensor if someone looses interest so that you can provide it to the next person on the waiting list
* Measuring air quality provides useful insights

Other Initiatives

Co-Designing Inclusive Mobility: CoMobility

Co-Designing Inclusive Mobility: CoMobility

Location: Warszawa, Poland

Description: In CoMobility, we measured PM2.5, PM10, NO2, and noise in three elementary schools in Warsaw, Poland as well as conducted a series of co-creation workshops, where young experts (2nd and 3rd grade pupils) collaborated with adult experts to enhance more sustainable mobility solutions and reduce the use of private cars in their schools neighbourhoods. Among the co-created and implemented solutions are bicycle road maps, street art, children gazette, and single actions such as children manifestations or mime performances.

List of parameters measured: PM2.5, PM10, NO2, Temperature, O3, Humidity, Noise

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Location: Kjeller, Norway

Description: URBANITY is a research project looking at opportunities to use smart technology to monitor pollution and traffic in Norwegian cities. The aim is to provide the municipality and its citizens with better information about pollution and traffic where they live.

List of parameters measured: PM1, PM2.5, PM10, Temperature, Humidity, Other

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NordicPATH, a project about Nordic participatory, healthy, and people-centered cities.

NordicPATH, a project about Nordic participatory, healthy, and people-centered cities.

Location: Kjeller, Norway

Description: NordicPATH’s overall objective is to establish a new model for citizens' participation and collaborative planning in the Nordic countries focused on urban air quality and the interlinked challenge of climate change. The project focuses on strategies to engage citizens in the process of socio-technological change required by planners and designers to provide the built environment and the services that will shape future sustainable cities with a human-centered approach.

List of parameters measured: PM1, PM2.5, PM10, NO2, Temperature, Humidity

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